In Cacaoken, raw material is the first criterion and is the most important factor towards to the production and processing of product quality, so first of all is to research and invest to cacao farm in order to guarantee the stability and quality of products.
According to United States Department of Agriculture, organic products must be planted, stored, processed in the conditions of no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and radioactive chemicals.

For Cacaoken, all of things are managed and controlled from cocoa seeds, which are sown and cultivated, are harvested carefully without the use of pesticides as well as chemicals for cacao.
However, the question is whether organic products will be more nutritious and tastier than conventional products.
The taste of each person is various, hundreds of world-famous chefs often use organic products to prepare for their meals because they believe organic materials are completely natural, and will be tastier than conventional products. In addition, organic products are grown on good and balancing minerals soil that means good crop yields will lead to good taste.

Buying organic products

Customers can buy the cheapest organic products when they purchase directly from manufacturers and farms instead of reaching to distribution systems, markets or stores. Unfortunately, most of us cannot buy organic products, so Cacaoken will give consumers a direct access of organic cocoa with the most affordable prices.

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