CaCao Fruits




  • Ingredients: Pure Cocoa juice, sugar
  • Nguồn nguyên liệu: Shiro Cacao của cty  CACAOKEN được chiết xuất và lên
  • Material Source: Cacaoken cocoa syrup is extracted, fermented by cocoa juice, which is grown, handled and harvested according to Japanese technology.
  • Specifics: Cacaoken cocoa syrup has soft aroma, natural cocoa flavor, but all of them are very gentle, harmonious, and blending together when you drink (Typical of cocoa beans are fermented by Japanese technology)
  • Virtues: cocoa powder has many effects such as anti-aging, anti-depression, boosting metabolism, improving blood circulation, preventing anemia, reducing risk of stroke and an effective food for losing weight.
  • Usage: Cacaoken cocoa syrup is used for soft drinks, and ate with bread
  • Storage: after opening, recap. Please keep in a cool place, and avoid the direct sunlight.
  • Expiry day: 12 months from manufacture date
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