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In 2007, after retiring from the Japanese confectionery company, with the experience and knowledge of the food industry, plus the friendship between Japanese and Vietnamese, and the combination of an intensive research on Cocoa world and Vietnamese cocoa flavor, Mr. NAKANO TOSHIMI has established the Cocoa Research Institute specialized in FUKUOKA Japan and in Da Lat, Vietnam with CACAOKEN (カ カ オ 研究所).

After a careful study of the climatic, soil, and cocoa development conditions as well as production processes to create the most quality product, Mr. NAKANO TOSHIMI invested Cocoa farms and applied the cocoa cultivation with techniques in accordance with Japanese standards, and cooperated with farmers to plant large cocoa fields.

On April 2018, Mr. NAKANO TOSHIMI officially invested in a chocolate factory at 29 Hung Vuong Street, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. He hoped that the ambitious plan would be a breakthrough for him to introduce Vietnamese Cocoa and chocolate to the world.

By controlling the source of raw materials from the planting of cocoa seeds, the process of caring, harvesting, preliminary treatment to the factory steps in order to create the best chocolate products. Besides that, CACAOKEN brings Vietnamese chocolate to consumers around the world with the belief “WE PRODUCE CHOCOLATE FROM AGRICULTURAL FARM“.


You might have heard and read many of news about dirty food problems on the media as well as seen the reality of the current market. In the early morning on the way to work, we do not know whether or not we enjoy a true cocoa drink.

When Mr. NAKANO TOSHIMI came to Vietnam for the first time, the first thing that he would like to do every early morning is to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but as an experienced guy in the confectionery industry, and used to be the General Director of a big confectionery company over 40 years in Japan, he is knowledgeable enough to recognize a quality of cup of cocoa, and absolutely he shake his head with the taste of Cocoa drinks.

Pure cocoa has a magic feature that no matter how much you roast, how intense the cocoa is, cocoa flavor always brings pleasant feelings from the charming fragrance to the bitter taste of seeds, sour of the fermentation, or the fatness of butter in cocoa, all gives a light and refreshing feelings after enjoying.

There are many kinds of cocoa powder in market today, but the majority is mixed with impurities, used mashed nuts such as soybeans, corn, and spices to make profit.

For CACAOKEN, by creating, investing in farms, and applying modern production techniques and machinery from Japan, we believe that products of CACAOKEN will bring real value of Vietnamese qualified cocoa to national and international consumers.




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