Quy Trình Sản Xuất


1. Harvesting:

After reaching maturity and qualified for technical requirements, cocoa will be harvested then be separated, finally bean seeds will be fermented.

2. Fermentation and drying:

The process of fermentation is considered to be the most important step to decide the taste of chocolate products. The fermentation time is about 4 ~ 6 days. After fermentation, only qualified seeds will be passed through the drying stage in the cage to avoid sunlight.

3. Sorting and cleaning:

After passing through the drying stage, cocoa seeds will be sorted and separated from impurities.

4. Roasting:

Cocoa roasting is the second most important step after fermentation. At roasting stage, the temperature and timing will determine the quality of chocolate. In addition, the experience and equipment also play an important role in the quality of roasted beans.

5. Breaking:

After roasting, cocoa beans will be passed through a shredder to remove the pods from cocoa beans.

6. Winnowing:

The shredded beans are transferred to the shelling machine to recover the Nibs (Nibs are cocoa after being shredded and cleaned)

7. Grinding:

After being cleaned, nibs are passed to a machine to crush nibs to powder before grinding in order to reduce the grinding time as well as to ensure the fineness of the chocolate.

8. Conching:

At the grinding stage, cacaoken will add other additives such as sugar, milk, cashew nuts, matcha … to create products with different flavors as customers required.
Grinding time is about 24 hours, after grinding to the desired level, then cocoa beans will be proceeded through the molding phase.

9. Tempering:

Tempering is the process of adjusting temperature to the standard level then pour to molds. If the temperature is not qualified, the quality of the product will be affected in sense and taste. Temperature is not qualified products easily become lump, and stick to molds …

10. Molding:

Pouring to molds is the last step to create Bean To Chocolate Bar.